J & J Heller Cambria Dog Park

The J & J Heller Cambria Dog Park was established November 2003 by Joyce and John Heller who organized a dedicated group of volunteers who literally built the park and continue to maintain and develop it.

The Park was authorized by the Community Services District on CCSD property which is located at 2021 Rodeo Grounds Rd in Cambria and is enjoyed daily by Cambrians, visitors and their Dogs.

The Dog Park offers almost 3/4 acre with separate big and little Dog off leash play areas complete with water, shade, and picnic tables.

Contact: Tim Roche • PO Box 900 • Cambria, CA 93428 • 805-927-5255

Categories: ActivitiesNon Profit Organization


PO Box 900
Cambria, CA 93428


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